Dentapops 100 Pack


100 Dentapops
100 Low Vac Extension Tubes

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Get the most for your dollar with our Dentapops 100 Pack

Dentapops are a unique 3-in-1 dental device providing dental practitioners with a third hand when they need it most. Each Dentapop houses a tongue deflector, dry field aspirator and mouth prop, making this simple, colorful, plastic device a one-size fits all solution. Dentapops during everyday dental procedures allows your patient to become your assistant, drastically saving you time, money and resources.

Each Dentapops 100 Pack Includes:

  • 100 – individually packaged Dentapops, entirely disposable for easy one-time use.
  • 100 – 3.5″ Low-Vac Extension Tubes for slow speed suction. Each extension tube comes already attached to individual Dentapop.


Need a high vacuum option? Check out our 42″ EZ-Flex Extension Tube for Hi-Vac suction systems.

Find out now why Dentists and Orthodontists across the world are using Dentapops. Don’t hesitate! Order your pack of Dentapops and discover the difference today!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

White 3.5" E-Z Flex Low-Vac Extension tube to is pre-attached to the end of each Dentapop. Dentapop can also be used with the 42" EZ Flex Hi-Vac Adaptor (not included).

Cleaning and Assembly

Dentapops are used once and easily disposed of through the trash. No cleaning necessary.


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