Dentapops Featured in Dental Economics Online

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dental economics image for blogBelow is Dentapops review in Dental Economics online publication. View original article here. Dentapops 3-in-1 device is a "hands-free" dental assistant. The Dentapop is a disposable intraoral device consisting of three parts working together: mouth prop, suction tube, and tongue deflector. The patient simply bites on the mouth prop which holds the mouth open and stabilizes the dry-field aspirator. The Dentapop can be placed in seconds, is fully adjustable to fit both adults and children, and is universal for either the left or right side of the mouth. Comfortable to use and nonabrasive to soft tissues, it is excellent for sealants, ultrasonic scaling, and all operative procedures on both arches. By having the patient provide the stability for the Dentapop dry-field aspirator, the dental assistant can use the extra time to attend to other tasks for greater efficiency. Dentapops have been highly rated by the top product evaluators in dentistry.