San Diego,CA – March 18, 2015 – Dentapops, a Primotec Corporation brand and product, launches new modern online presence. The re-design and launch of their new e-commerce website provides users with a more functional interface and friendly design that aides in the sales process. In addition to launching a fresh new website, Dentapops improved their social media accounts to match their new clean look on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn.

“We’re excited to enhance Dentapops brand and create a website that functions efficiently to ensure ease of use for all our customers.” said CEO Sandee Bass

Dentapops has been featured in a variety of highly regarded dental publications throughout the last few years. Most recently, Dentapops was featured in Dr. Gordon Christensen’s Clinicians Report as one of the “Best Products of 2014” making it the 4th time to be given such a high esteem.

Dentapop is a unique 3-in-1 dental device that provides dental practitioners with a third hand when they need it most. Each Dentapop houses a tongue deflector, dry field aspirator and mouth prop, making the simple, colorful, plastic device a one-size fits all solution. Non-abrasive on soft tissue, Dentapops are excellent for fixed prosthodontics, adult and pediatric operative dentistry and many other across the arch dental applications. Using Dentapops during everyday dental procedures seamlessly allows patients to become the dental assistant in turn drastically saving dental practices time, money and resources.

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