Dentapops featured in Case Study on restorative dentistry in Dentistry Today magazine.

Case Study was written by Dr. Griffin. You may view full Case Study here.

This case is the kind most of us see every day in practice. There are six composites to do, each replacing amalgams with secondary and interproximal decay (Figures 1 through 4). In this case anesthetic was delivered with bilateral anesthesia blocks, and a rubber dam was placed. Proper isolation cannot be discounted. We use a rubber dam, or at least Dentapops (Primotec) and Dry Tips (Microcopy) as compromise isolation. A rubber dam certainly is best whenever possible, as it reduces the chance of contamination from saliva and the humidity from the patient’s breath.

Amalgam and gross decay were removed using a new 330 bur, which expedites amalgam removal plus reduces friction and heat buildup. I’m as cheap as the next guy, but spending $0.90 on a new 330 bur for multiple restorations is a money saver. It will cut faster and with less trauma than one you’ve been using since you were in dental school. Throw them away before they rust to the point that the head falls off, or before they catch a tooth on fire from friction.

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